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Renegade is your guide and partner to reliable results where our fuel burns cooler, cleaner and more consistent than the competition.  Renegade offers “REAL OCTANE” advertised safely for your protection of engine detonation and not overhyped marketing Octane. Renegade lubricants has the highest amount of “balanced” ZDDP in the land, and our car care items have NASA Space Hall Of Fame technology in them. 

Renegade Pro E85 is a premium quality racing grade ethanol product. Renegade Pro E85 is not blended with pump gas, it is made with premium race grade components and premium grade ethanol which produces high quality, consistent blend racing fuels that eliminates the need for testing and changing tune-ups.
Renegade 120+

The older brother of our 120+ fuel, this fuel has our proprietary additive package to help lubricate the valve train and cylinders for nitrous applications, while also helping to prevent nitrous implosions.

This formulation provides added protection for super exotic configurations that spray nitrous.

Available in 5 gallon pail and 54 gallon drum


  • Octane – R+M/2               120

  • Motor Octane                    117*

  • Research Octane              123

  • Specific Gravity                 0.702

  • RVP                                        4.35

  • Oxygenated                        No

  • Leaded                                 Yes

  • Stoich Ratio                        15.0:1

  • Color                                     Orange

*Has tested as high as 120 MON

Typical Octane Value

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Sunoco Nitromethane 100%
Don’t let anyone tell you differently – Sunoco Nitromethane, with a purity rating greater than 99.95%, is the highest quality Nitromethane available.
Do tenths of a point in purity really make a difference? Believe it! What you don’t get, you wonder…nitroparaffins such as nitroethane, and known carcinogen II-nitropropane. Who wants to run that through their engine? You WILL experience more power, greater speed and more wins using Sunoco Nitromethane.
While we work hard to always have Sunoco Nitromethane on hand, demand has been nothing short of astonishing. Please order right now to guarantee your ability to benefit from the purest Nitro on the market.
Availability: 1 gallon,  and 42 gallon drums.      **** Call for latest pricing****
Methanol™ 99.99% Purity
It’s time for the race to start… Do you know where your methanol has been?
We pump our product in our facility allowing us to use specially designed filters to insure the integrity of the methanol. We believe that packaging our methanol in lined steel drums with a layer of nitrogen on top eliminates the possibility of moisture contamination.
Our clients agree that our Methanol is superior. Our quality product will give you the advantage our clients have come to expect. We look forward to having you as a client and hearing how our products enhance your season!
  • Virgin Methanol
  • Methanol is also available with additive
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