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Race Fuels

"Sunoco fuels significantly exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gasoline detergency standards. All grades of Sunoco fuel contain the same level of detergent. In addition to government-mandated detergency tests, Sunoco fuels are subject to additional testing by an independent, third-party lab to further ensure their quality.
Sunoco fuels contain additives such as corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants, which help to ensure quality and promote a longer “shelf life”, which means the gasoline will last longer between uses."
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Packaging our methanol in lined steel drums with a layer of nitrogen on top eliminates the possibility of moisture contamination.
Sunoco Nitromethane, with a purity rating greater than 99.95%, is the highest quality Nitromethane available.
Our propylene oxide actually increases a fuels’ oxygen content and  is guaranteed to work with any fuel.
Dragon Racing Fuels offers a complete line of race fuels for drag racing, sprint cars, motocross, super-cross and marine performance arena.
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