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2017 Immokalee, FL 007
Racing Products

Our racing fuel products include fuels from E-85 to 118 octane as well as methanol, alcohol, and nitro-methane. Our scented “Top Lubes ” and “Fuel Fragrances” will add consistent quality for maximal performance and repeatable results.

About us

Southern Racing Fuels is a division of Port Consolidated Inc. We are the largest race fuel distributor based in the state of Florida. We supply racetracks, dealers, speed shops, c-stores, racers, motorcycle shops and race tracks throughout Florida, the Caribbean and South America. Our products include the complete line of quality Sunoco Race Fuels in addition to quality performance oils and lubricants.


As a dealer of Southern Racing Fuels, we will direct sales to you. All inquiries in your area will be referred to you, the dealer.

Southern Racing Fuels can assist in above ground tanks and pump installations.


Other Products Available:

  • Fuel Jugs

  • Spouts

  • Pumps

  • Fuel Additives

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